ETH India Zero to One Creative Execution

Interview with Paul Finney from Spacekayak

For anyone who was in Bangalore during first week of December for ETH India or one of the side events in what is known as #IndiaBlockchainWeek, know about the web3 festival the whole week was. ETH India in particular was spectacular. It was the largest Ethereum hackathon in the world, organized by ETH Global and Devfolio. Spacekayak is the creative studio that designed every single creative at the event. Everything from the ETH India and India Blockchain Week website, to the stage, tons of merch, venue designs, giant art installations, and the infamous ETH India title art.

Being that this is a builder event, most applicants didn't get through (2000 selected among ~ 20k applicants) and I was one of the rejected lot. That changed when Paul from Spacekayak messaged me on day 3 and got me access to a rare ETH India media pass, and I got an opportunity to sit down with Paul for ~30mins and ask any questions I had about ETH India and Spacekayak on #SalmanNeedsAJob . This is that conversation. Hope you enjoy it.

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