Steps to receive India Blockchain Week 2022 Check-in POAP

takes a minute.

gm frens. Two easy steps to get the POAP:

  • Subscribe to this newsletter (on this very website)

  • dm @fulltimedao account saying you attended the event, and I'll send you a unique claim link.

That's it. DONE.

To expedite the process of receiving it, just tweet the picture of the POAP card you received at the event and tag @fulltimedao.

IBW 2023 POAP by salmanneedsajob.eth

Ps. a major POAP update - if you've minted this POAP, you are now part of a club with none other than Sandeep Nailwal.

Here's a playlist of my content from India Blockchain Week 2022. For a deep dive on the planning of ETH India and India Blockchain Week, you can watch my interview with Paul, from Spacekayak.

Alright. Have fun.

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