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Story about a POAP - Nouns Hack Week behind the scenes ⌐◨-◨

and genesis of a nounish documentary series - The Biggest Lil Movie.

gm. Last week during Nouns Hack Week, there were 293 prop submissions across developers, art design & media, and IRL rounds + 158 in grand prizes. Lotta fun, lotta building, and lotta governance. I created a lil POAP for Nouns Hack Week representing all the nouners and props that were dropped during the week. It's called - Prop Prop Prop POAP. And this blog, is a story about that POAP.

Btw, if you participated by submitting a proposal or voting in any of the rounds, you are eligible to claim this POAP.

I am Salman, one of the participants in Nouns Hack Week, during which I submitted part 1 of and a Nounish POAP tour on the content creation round by The Noun Square.

When I first discovered about Nouns Hack Week, I started brainstorming what my project for the round would be. My initial thought was - would it be possible to trace the journey of Nouns DAO through POAPs? I dropped in with a message on Explorer Grants (hack week organizers) discord server:

Explorer Grants

I got two answers.

1) I was going to create a POAP for Nouns Hack Week (still hadn't figured who should be minting it though), and the POAP itself wouldn't be my hack week submission

2) I was gonna do some research on Nouns POAPs, to identify the big idea for hack week

Dropped in on The Noun Square for "research" and it led me to @RobotFishGirl.

The Noun Square

After a lil bit of back and forth on the TNS server with RFG, about her favorite POAPs, I slid into her dms and requested if we could get on a livestream. And, pretty soon, we did:

My thinking was to submit this livestream to The Noun Square Content Creation Prop House round. But then, RFG suggested a brilliant idea - a community edition hack week contest:

I quickly spun up a lil design, and created a contest on @whoneesdsajobdao

This was a fairly successful contest with 8 submissions. And a solid submission on TNS hack week round - a livestream + video clips contest. Unfortunately did not win this one, but, oh was I done with a project

But, what was I going to submit for the main - Nouns Hack Week rounds? Well, April 1st was supposed to be a Polkadot India Conference. I was gonna attend and record podcasts for #SalmanNeedsAJob. In light of Nouns Hack Week, a lil change of plans. I planned to print out a few POAP cards of Prop Prop Prop POAPs, and then figure out a video around it.

And as they say, the rest is history:

The POAPs were initially given to people I met at the event, who knew about Nouns DAO and were expected to be featured in the video I was going to create. Sometime later, I came to a decision (rightly so) about the audience for the POAP, and that is going to be folks who participated in hack week, by submitting a prop or voted in any of the rounds.

But how do I identify who voted in Nouns Hack Week prop house?

Explorer Grants

Thank you index, for the snapshot!

And that, friends, is the story about a POAP called Prop Prop Prop POAP.

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