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Reputation Drops - an NFT Airdrop to DAO Drops genesis cohort

An experiment in onchain reputation

gm everyone. As some of you may be aware, I was fortunate enough to be chosen in the initial round of DAO Drops, which marked the Ethereum Foundation's very first retroactive public goods funding round. Notably, I was among the 57 individuals selected for this unique opportunity, and as a result, I secured a grant of $1452.

Now that the round has concluded and so are most of the community activities around the cohort, I wanted to commemorate this event and our achievements of making it to this round. I have created an artwork with first-hand introductions with each of the persons of the cohort, and airdropped it as an NFT to the grant winners. It is a little experiment in onchain reputation and potential governance mechanism based on reputation.

I am calling this project - Reputation Drops. a @fulltimdao experiment. Here's the details:

If you aren't familiar with DAO Drops - here's my video going through it:


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