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Stand with Crypto - Build the Future

Why I Stand with Crypto

If you care about crypto, it’s time to prove it.


gm everyone.

Web3 embodies the transformative power to shape a more accessible and fair digital future. For example, DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) are a new type of organization that is powered by Web3 technology, owned and governed by their members, presenting the opportunity to foster entirely new types of businesses and economies.

Ever since learning about DAOs, I have been neck deep into this space, and it has shown me the potential of decentralized organizations. It is among the many first-hand experiences that have helped solidify my belief in the power of Web3. I know that many of my peers feel the same way.

Yet, the uncertain stance of several national administrations poses a challenge to the movement's future. Can we rally together and implore our policymakers to embrace this future, enacting clear regulations for crypto's prosperity:

August 14th marked the launch of Stand with Crypto Alliance, an advocacy organization focused on mobilizing the crypto community to directly engage in the legislative process. Join the Alliance to help secure the future of crypto in America by helping drive clear, sensible regulation

My own contribution to Stand with Crypto:

I created a video on the Stand with Crypto Prop House round on Base. In it, I make a case for why Web3 is important for building the future.

You can mint this video on Zora (Base Network).

According to Coinbase, here’s why crypto advocacy matters:

  • Stand with Crypto will influence laws and policies

  • Stand with Crypto will bring the crypto community together and there is strength in numbers

  • Stand with Crypto will promote innovation and protect jobs

  • Stand with Crypto will educate everyday Americans about the power of crypto

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