Interview with a Polygon Advocate - India Blockchain Week Interview #1

What is Polygon Connect, journey through hackathons, and more.

gm frens. Sharing with you the first of the videos from India Blockchain Week, with Laisha Wadhwa, who is a Polygon Advocate.

[on a separate note: if you are here from the Itsuki NFT giveaway, please post your submissions in the comments]

Laisha started her journey in web3 through hackathons and is an avid advocate of the medium for learning and development, web3 and beyond. She deeply understands web3 and spends much of her time spreading awareness about the technology as a Polygon Advocate and through her newsletter Web3 Bits and Bytes.

In this conversation at Polygon Connect, during India Blockchain Week, Laisha gives her expert take on web3 and helps us understand the value of taking part in hackathons. She also takes us through the Polygon Advocate Program and their roadshow on Polygon Connect.

Next episode is with Spacekayak, the Creative Partners of ETH India.

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