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India Blockchain Week 2023 POAP

Bookmark your attendance onchain to any of the 80+ events during India Blockchain Week 2023

The first week of December in Bangalore, India has turned into a week of web3 festivities of sorts, with 50+ events held across a week during 2022, and over 80 in 2023 leading up to ETH India.

To commemorate our collective journey through this week, I have created a POAP for IBW 2023. If you've attended any of these events, dm me (@salmanneedsajob) for a unique link to claim this POAP and bookmark your attendance onchain. Please also mention which event you've attended in the dm.

This POAP in particular, features names and times of every event taking place during the week, which you can zoom into using the POAP app (android, ios, web) to view.

What are POAPs

POAP, short for "Proof of Attendance Protocol," allows you to mint memories as digital mementos called "POAPs." POAPs are given to people for sharing a memory with you. ~

view POAP from last year

Also, I will be recording podcasts during these events. So, stay tuned on Salman Needs A Job for more in-depth content from India Blockchain Week. Here's the 2022 IBW playlist if you haven't kept up.


A new achievement unlocked for me and this POAP, which is that this POAP was minted by none other than poap.eth - Patricio Worthalter, the founder of POAP. Patricio is currently in Bangalore, attending ETH India. If you see him around, make sure to mint his POAP :)

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